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Administrative law and appeal administrative acts

Generally speaking, administrative law and procedure covers relations between citizens and legal persons and the state. In the exercise of its powers, the State, in the person of the executive authorities, issues administrative acts in connection with the performance of its functions. They are individual and general administrative acts.

Administrative acts may be either in favour or against the person concerned. For example, to obtain any type of licence or permit, legal or natural persons should apply to the relevant administrative authority. In this case, you may seek the assistance of an attorney for assistance in obtaining a license or permit.

On the other hand, there are also acts that are issued to the detriment of legal or natural persons. Acts issued by the administration may be appealed to a higher authority or to the relevant court. The process itself consists of several phases, and for maximum protection of your rights, you can turn to an administrative law attorney.

Administrative law – what do you need to know?

Administrative law makes it possible to claim damages caused by unlawful acts or omissions of the public administration or its officials. In this way, you can be compensated for damages after the act is annulled or declared void.

When can I appeal against an administrative act?

You can appeal against an administrative act at any time when you think it is unlawful or inappropriate. You can appeal against both an individual and a general administrative act. A refusal to issue an administrative act is also subject to appeal.

It is important to consider the time limits for appealing against an administrative act. Failure to do so shall extinguish the right of appeal. Administrative acts shall be challenged within 14 days of their notification to the party concerned.

When you appeal against an implied refusal, the time limit is 1 month from the expiry of the time limit within which the administrative authority should have made a decision. If the administrative act is null and void, you may challenge it without time limit.

It is important to know that any damage caused by the administrative act can be compensated.

Do I need a lawyer to appeal against an administrative act or a penal decree?

The procedure for appealing an administrative act or a criminal ruling may be carried out by the person who has an interest in the appeal. However, we advise our clients to contact an administrative law attorney, as often the acts hide flaws that go unnoticed.

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If necessary, you may contact an administrative law attorney. Legal Frame Law Firm has experienced attorneys who will discuss your needs on a case-by-case basis.

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