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Appeal of administrative acts

Administrative authorities have the power to issue an administrative act imposing a certain sanction on a person. In practice, it often happens that administrative acts are issued unlawfully, leading to their challenge.

If you have been served with an administrative act you can turn to a good appeal lawyer to help you prepare your appeal and defend you in court proceedings.

How do you challenge an administrative act?

The public sector in Bulgaria issues various administrative acts that have an effect on the rights and obligations of citizens and legal entities. An administrative act can be issued in different areas – from tax law, through labour law, etc. When there is an infringement of a person’s rights, he can challenge it in the appropriate procedure.

The challenge can happen by two types of persons – those affected by the act or the prosecutor. The administrative act can be contested both for legality and expediency. The decision of any administrative authority issuing the act is subject to judicial review. Only individual and general administrative acts are subject to appeal. A fundamental principle in an appeal against an administrative act is the right of defence.

The appeal itself takes place before the authority that issued the act or subsequently before the relevant administrative court if the decision of the administrative authority is not satisfactory.

The procedure involves preparing and submitting a complaint and providing the necessary documents and evidence relating to the case.

Each complaint is subject to certain time limits, after which the party loses the right to complain.

The appeals procedure allows for the review and correction of decisions taken unlawfully by administrative authorities. Ensuring the rights of the parties, fairness and legality are essential to ensure the protection of the persons concerned.

If you have been issued and served with an administrative order, you can contact Legal Frame. Our attorneys will assist you in appealing and successfully completing your lawsuit.

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