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Case against KAT

To the traffic management system in Bulgaria we can add KAT. It is the main administrative body responsible for controlling and regulating road traffic, ensuring road safety and drivers’ compliance with the rules. However, in some cases citizens are confronted with traffic police actions (KAT) that violate their rights.

It is common for the traffic police (KAT) to refuse to issue or to issue a contradictory act that is subject to appeal. In this case, it is a good idea to find a lawyer who can challenge the traffic police’s decision and defend you in court.

It is important to know that any citizen can challenge an act of the traffic police before the appropriate court, where their rights can be protected and due process guaranteed. Every citizen has the right to gain access to information, materials and, accordingly, to exercise his/her defence and right of complaint against the traffic police.

The traffic police, as an administrative body, issues acts for the establishment of administrative offences and penalty decrees under the rules of the Criminal Code. Within the statutory period, any person may lodge an appeal against this.

Case against traffic police

For example, you can take:

● a case of wrongful license revocation;
● vehicle suspension case;
● case for cancellation of vehicle registration;
● lawsuit against a compulsory administrative measure – here the lodged complaint does not stop the execution of the administrative measure.

If you are facing a lawsuit against KAT or wish to file a complaint, you can contact an attorney at Legal Frame.

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