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Lawyer civil law in Sofia

Civil law is a branch of law that has the following subdivisions: family law and inheritance law, contract law, property law, labour law, copyright, commercial law and others. Legal Frame, a law firm, provides legal protection and advice in Sofia and the country on matters related to:

  • subjective right;
  • defence of a subjective right (including inevitable defence);
  • disputes concerning the legal capacity of a natural person;
  • prohibition;
  • Torts;
  • disputes in family law – guardianship, custody;
  • representation of legal entities and non-profit legal entities;
  • defence of civil cases;
  • etc.

Labour Law

Labour law is a branch of civil law. According to the Labour Code, this branch is the law concerning the social relations between an employee and an employer arising from the establishment, amendment, supplementation, termination of an employment relationship. Violations of the rights of the subjects in the process of provision of workforce concerning working hours and breaks, wages, the right to leave, disciplinary, property liability, good and safe working conditions, trade unions, domestic, cultural services of workers – are subject to labor law.

It is not rare for disputes in this area to be difficult, convoluted and complex to resolve. In such situations, it is advisable to seek assistance and help from a good employment law attorney. You can find one for Sofia at Legal Frame. Our attorneys are prepared to win any employment law case in your favor.

The services we offer in the field of labour relations are:

  • assistance in the preparation and issuance of necessary documents, certificates for the conduct of the proceedings;
  • protecting your rights in case of unfair dismissal;
  • in the event of dismissal – cancellation and reinstatement, as well as compensation from the employer for damages for the time you were not at work.
  • employment contract disputes, remuneration, disciplinary liability
  • etc.

Civil Procedural Law – Scope and Structure

Civil procedural law governs civil legal relations and protects the unlawful development of civil rights.. An unlawful violation of civil rights takes the form of a legal dispute between two or more parties over an existing civil relationship; a failure to perform a legal obligation; and the commission of an act that frustrates the realization of a civil right. Civil procedural law is a system of civil law rules aimed at protecting the rights of citizens, and the procedure for applying these rules is defined by the Code of Civil Procedure.

Often, as citizens, you have to face situations in violation of your civil rights, the outcome of which has to be decided in court. For a positive outcome of a civil lawsuit in your favor, it is imperative to enlist the services of an experienced civil law attorney.

Legal Frame Law Firm has experienced and proven attorneys in the field of civil law, who with a number of won cases and professionalism will find the most favorable solution for you on казуса ви. Our firm offers the following legal services and advice for civil rights violations:

  • legal assistance and advice in out-of-court disputes;
  • representing clients before the Court of Arbitration;
  • appeals;
  • cassation appeal;
  • enforcement proceedings;
  • registry proceedings;
  • security proceedings;
  • Timely collection of evidence for upcoming civil cases in court.

How to Choose a Good Law Firm in Sofia?

When you are faced with a situation that must invariably be resolved in court, it is advisable to go to an established law firm in Sofia.

At times like these, you often ask yourself, “How do I choose a good law firm?”

It’s a good idea to ask people you know what their experience has been with your chosen law firm. Search the internet for reviews from its clients. What kind of lawyers does it have, what area of law do they specialize in, are there good reviews about them.

If your civil rights have been violated, ask if your chosen law firm in Sofia has a good lawyer in objective civil law. Or you need a consultation with a good employment law attorney – look for a law firm that can offer a lawyer who specializes in employment law. Find information about his or her past experience. Schedule a consultation, make an appointment. That way you can gather your own impressions – whether he’s confident, calm, responsive. Does he have experience with cases similar to yours, what was the outcome. Be careful – shiny furnished law firms, expensive advertising, high prices are no guarantee of professionalism!

The lawyers of Legal Frame are among the first in the field of property law, family law, labor law, civil law, contract law. If you need legal experts – contact us!

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