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Case against collection companies

Cases of telephone harassment by debt collection companies have increased significantly in recent years. They are distinguished by arrogant behavior, incessant harassment, including telephone threats with visits to the address.

When you receive such a call, it is a good idea to consult a lawyer who can guide you and explain what your rights and obligations are. A good lawyer will look into the case and help you resolve it.

Before proceeding with enforcement, it is good to know that many of these debts are time-barred. The problem is that if it has expired, the debtor has to prove it in court.

A good attorney will analyze the obligation and your case, as well as advise you on statute of limitations issues. In most cases it is necessary to negotiate with the collection companies and sometimes to represent them in court in cases against collection companies.

Collection companies are legal entities specialised in debt collection. Most often their services are used by mobile operators or banks. These are bundled liabilities that are ceded.

If you receive calls from debt collection companies or have a lawsuit filed by them, you can contact a Legal Frame law firm. Our attorneys will review your case and advise you on the best course of action to secure your defense.

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