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Legal representation in civil cases

Our firm specializes in civil law and as such has attorneys who successfully litigate cases and provide legal representation. Our practice shows that the best defense is achieved through an ongoing dialogue between client and lawyer.

Our lawyers provide full legal services to clients in civil matters. If you need an attorney to represent you in court, you can contact Legal Frame.

We will assist you in:

● preparation of documents, papers and opinions;
● Document review, evidence and pending proceedings;
● reference to the availability of debts to the beiliff;
● review of cases before the beillif;
● taking a case to court;
● assistance before a notary.

Thanks to the experience we have, we will assist in the preparation of all documents and papers, as well as provide assistance before a notary. We will conduct a successful defense as well as assist in gathering and securing evidence. If necessary, we will provide mediation and facilitation in negotiating an out-of-court settlement.

To this end, we will provide you with a timely solution to your problems as soon as possible. A good lawyer is the surest defense.

If you have a case and need legal representation, you can contact us for assistance. You will receive a timely response and solution to your case.

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