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Lawyer in company and commercial law

Legal Frame Law Firm will advise you on all legal issues related to the establishment and operation of all types of legal entities. We will help you to open a branch, sell the company or restructure it; obtain the necessary licenses and/or permits to carry out your business.

The extensive experience of our lawyers, including the joint work we carry out with chartered accountants, will help you set up joint ventures and carry out full due diligence. Representation before banking institutions – thanks to our long-standing close relationship with commercial banks, we provide full assistance in financing commercial companies, creating and procuring the necessary documents.

Our attorneys will offer daily assistance to your company, reviewing and drafting contracts, assisting with banking institutions. In this regard, we are ready to provide you with a wide range of services that include:

Registration of a commercial company /OOD, AD, ET, KD, SD/, non-profit association /NGO/, company under the LPA

Our lawyers will advise you on the choice of legal form. We will draw up a memorandum of association, articles of association or articles of association, depending on the needs of the owners. We have extensive experience in drafting shareholder agreements, non-disclosure agreements and all other documents related to the management of the company, its control, distribution of profits, how to change ownership, use of financing/credit. We will help with registration in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency.

Management of Commercial Companies

After the registration of the company or association, we will assist the governing bodies in determining the legal framework for the proper management and operation of the company. The service includes assistance in convening and conducting meetings of the governing bodies of commercial companies, preparation of resolutions, preparation and maintenance of minute books. We will assist in the preparation process for the registration of subsidiaries, branches, representative offices or the establishment of holding structures, mergers, acquisitions, mergers or spin-offs. In this regard, we will offer you comprehensive accounting and legal due diligence.

Change or Sale of the Trading Company

We will assist in negotiations for the sale of company shares or a change in the legal status of the company. In this regard, we prepare a complete set of documents depending on the needs and requirements of our clients. We assist with changes in the company’s capital, subject of activity, change of name, exclusion or departure of partners, changes in the management structure, articles of association, etc. We provide advice, draft opinions and the full set of documents when transferring shares or stock, as well as when transferring the assets of a commercial company.

The law firm will assist you in the liquidation or insolvency procedures of commercial companies, advising you on the applicable legal rules.

Legal Frame Law Firm will be of service to your business entity as well as all non-profit organizations and foundations. For more detailed information, depending on your needs, you can send a request to us.

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