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Registration of company

The registration of a company can be done by anyone who has decided to take these steps. The requirements are relatively clear and well described in the relevant legislation. However, registering a company has its subtleties and risks which may cause the company to become blocked. Our commercial law solicitors have many years of experience in serving companies and can assist you in choosing the most appropriate legal form for your company you wish to register. Do I need a lawyer to register a company? Before proceeding to the registration of a company, it is advisable to contact a lawyer who can explain the possibilities and differences between the forms of different companies – JSC, EAD, LLC, EOOD, ET, KD, etc. Before you draw up the company documents, you need to consider the way and options for managing the company. Accordingly, what are the specifics of your business and subject of activity. Your lawyer should assist you in notarizing the necessary documents, preparing the minutes of the incorporation meeting, the articles of incorporation and all the accompanying declarations. He/she will also direct you to a bank where you can open a fundraising account for the company. The attorney’s fee for registration of a company shall be determined in accordance with the Ordinance on Attorney’s Fees. Company registration procedure The company registration procedure begins with the selection of a name (company). The name must be unique, i.e. there is no existing registered company with the same name. After selecting the name, you must make a memorandum of association in which you decide on: manager, amount of capital, address of the company, object of activity. With the memorandum of association, you also adopt the articles of association of the company. The procedure is accompanied by several declarations in a form and the opening of a fundraising account. In case you are registering a joint stock company, then you should comply the documents with the necessary requisites according to the Commercial Law. The documents can be filed online which will reduce the state fee payable by ½ . In case of necessity, you can contact a company registration lawyer on the phone numbers mentioned on the website or on the questions platform.

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