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Preparation of commercial contracts

No matter your firm’s area of practice, before drafting and signing a contract, you should contact a good attorney to advise and assist you in securing the best defense. Our lawyers have solid experience in negotiating and drafting commercial contracts in various areas. In case of need, you can contact Legal Frame Law Firm at the email address or contact phone number provided.

When drafting a commercial contract, we carry out due diligence on the other party, analysing all the facts and circumstances surrounding the contract to minimise the risk to our clients.

In addition to drafting a commercial contract, our attorneys will assist you with consultation, representation and defense in commercial disputes. In the event of an unscrupulous contractor, we will prepare and file a commercial dispute claim.

Our many years of experience and assistance with banking institutions will help you with bank loan agreements, loan restructuring, financing transactions, establishing collateral and more. Our lawyers will assist you in the preparation of documents for registration and cancellation of circumstances in the Central Register of Pledges.

In addition to drafting a commercial contract, we will assist you with full legal services for your company.

Do we need a lawyer when drawing up a contract?
Treaties regulate public relations in the sphere of trade. This is also the reason why they have many specificities that should be tailored to each individual case. Despite the freedom to negotiate, we advise our clients to use the services of an attorney to draft a contract.

Among other things, a well-drafted contract saves us time and money in the event of a legal dispute. Thanks to our experience, we can help you achieve your goals in the most favorable way.
In case of need, you can contact a good commercial law attorney from Legal Frame law firm to get to know your case and needs. In the case of an unfaithful partner, you can use the services of an attorney to file a lawsuit and obtain liquidated damages under a contract.

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