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Preparation of site terms and conditions and cookie policy

Every website, whether an online shop or otherwise, falls under the regulation of the relationship that arises between the user and the owner. In this sense, each website should regulate this relationship by establishing general terms and conditions that govern the main aspects of the relationship with users.

If you need to draft terms and conditions for a website, you can ask a good lawyer from Legal Frame to guide and assist you in drafting terms and conditions.

What are site terms and conditions?

Generally speaking, these are unilateral terms of use for the website, which may or may not be accepted by the user. They bind the user when he has confirmed in writing that he accepts them. This happens with a tick. If the user does not indicate that he accepts them, they are not binding on him.

If the terms and conditions are drawn up in connection with relationships with other traders, there need be no written acceptance. It is sufficient that the other trader knew of their existence.

It is important to know that the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) obliges you (as owners) to provide a certain set of information. This most often occurs in the General Terms and Conditions. With them you will also arrange all aspects of the relationship with your customers.

Due to the specifics of each website, we advise our clients to take an individual approach to drafting the Terms and Conditions. In this way, they do not run the risk of falling into a situation where an administrative penalty is imposed.

Contents of the Terms and Conditions
The purpose of the terms and conditions is to familiarize users with all aspects of the use of the website and the purchase of goods from it. For this, in the first place, information about the trader should be communicated, a description of the goods and services he offers. The trader shall also provide specific information on the price, the way of concluding each contract and the ways of returning the goods.

Depending on the nature and characteristics of each trader, the law provides for other requirements set out in the Consumer Protection Act.

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