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Registration of Association

Before registering an association, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer who can familiarize you with the requirements and necessary documents for registering an association (better known as an NGO). Before proceeding to register an association, you should keep in mind that they operate for private or public benefit. Depending on which option you choose, the requirements for incorporation are different. Association registration procedure The first and most important document is the minutes of the founding meeting. The founder can be any adult natural person or legal entity. Legal persons should be represented by the manager or the executive director. If the association is to carry out an activity for private benefit, the number of founders shall be at least 3, and if the activity is for public benefit, at least 7 natural persons or 3 legal persons. At the constituent assembly, a decision must be taken on the registration of the association, its name, registered office and address, the object of the activity and its pursuit for private or public benefit, the objectives and the means of achievement, what will be the additional business activity (if any). The constituent assembly shall also elect the members of the governing body and adopt the statutes of the association. The members of the governing body also elect a representative who certifies a specimen signature (specimen). Registration in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (TRNPO) is initiated by an Application Form. If the application is submitted online, the fee is ½ less. For this purpose, you can authorize an attorney from Legal Frame law firm who has the appropriate competence to register the association. The above documents, including a list of incorporators, and other documents required by law, must be submitted with the application. In case the registration officer of the Registry Agency gives instructions, the same shall be executed again online. Lawyer for NGO registration The services of a good lawyer will save you time and well-drafted documents will save you problems in future company cases. Our attorneys will advise you on the procedure, preparing everything you need for the successful registration of an association in a timely manner. If necessary, you can contact us.

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