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Lawyer on criminal law in Sofia

At its core, criminal law is a system of legal norms regulating social relations arising from the commission of a crime. Governs the relationship between the state and the perpetrators of a particular type of crime in seeking criminal accountability. The State exercises legal coercion for non-compliance with the Penal Code by affecting the personal or property rights of the offender by imposing criminal liability.

The system of legal norms and prohibitions in criminal law in relation to state-society relations is divided into a general part and a special part. Includes two industries:

  • Substantive criminal law;
  • Criminal procedural law.
Key terms in criminal law are:
  • crime: it is punishable under the law and can be intentional or unintentional. A crime may be committed by an act or omission. Depending on its type, it may fall under the hypothesis of crime against humanity, peace, state, society, personality. Crimes in the Criminal Procedure Code are: of a general nature – crimes of a high degree of public danger and crimes of a private nature – against the person (e.g. insult);
  • punishment: the legal restriction of an offender’s personal and/or property rights for the purpose of re-education and curbing crime. The penalties are: life imprisonment – without appeal, life imprisonment, penalties of varying lengths of imprisonment, probation, confiscation of property and/or assets, monetary fines, restriction/deprivation of certain public and personal rights, censures.
  • rehabilitation – the deletion of the facts of the guilty person’s conviction, after which he is deemed not to have been convicted. Rehabilitation is possible as a matter of right – when a certain statutory period has elapsed – or judicial rehabilitation – by filing an action for rehabilitation with the Court of First Instance.

Not all criminal law cases result in a prison sentence. Depending on the nature of the crime, the punishment may be a reprimand, community service, for the purpose of re-education.

There is a hypothesis in which, if the punishment is less than 3 years and the guilty person has not been convicted by a final sentence, the penalty of imprisonment may be replaced by an administrative penalty – a fine.

When is the assistance of a criminal lawyer needed for Sofia and the country?

As mentioned above, some of the harshest penalties that the state imposes on offenders, according to the law and norms in the Code of Criminal Procedure, are a life sentence and imprisonment for a certain period of time. The offender is entitled to a criminal law attorney as a matter of law if the sentence imposed is a term of imprisonment exceeding 5 years.

However, while it is not mandatory to have a lawyer present for lighter sentences, it is advisable to hire one for any type of arraignment: arrest, interrogation, search, seizure, etc.

A good criminal lawyer for Sofia and the country will stand up to state institutions and protect your rights and interests, as well as interrupt an existing opportunity for abuse by law enforcement.

You can also seek a criminal lawyer when you are the victim of a crime and want to protect your legal interests.

The best time to look for a criminal lawyer is during the pre-trial phase. There you can state all your objections, ask the prosecutor’s office and the investigating authorities to carry out additional procedural and investigative actions, and request that the proceedings be discontinued if no crime has been committed.

Where to find a good law firm in Sofia?

Whether you are on the side of a defendant or a victim of a criminal act, the need for a good Sofia criminal lawyer to represent you before the judicial institutions is indisputable.

In order to find a good law firm in Sofia and the country, it is necessary to inquire whether this firm has lawyers specializing in criminal law, what success they have had in previous cases, what is their litigation practice and strategies.

Legal Frame is a law firm that will provide you with professional legal services, consultations and legal advice, with a team proven in time, practice and satisfied clients. We will work with full dedication to resolve your case, to the best of our ability to uncover the objective truth.

In the field of criminal law, Legal Frame provides the following services:

  • in case of arrest – challenging the arrest warrant within the first 24 hours of arrest;
  • legal assistance in giving evidence, in pre-trial questioning;
  • drafting complaints in connection with a crime committed against the client;
  • preparation of applications for pardon, rehabilitation, early release before the investigating authorities;
  • litigation and settlement negotiations in criminal proceedings;
  • legal advice on the conduct of criminal trials;
  • legal aid for a request to reopen a criminal case;
  • a defense and the presentation of mitigating circumstances, with the possibility of imposing a lighter penalty or replacing it with an administrative penalty measure;
  • defense before the pre-trial authorities – prosecution, police and investigation.
For information and questions – visit Legal Frame law firm in Sofia.

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