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Drafting alerts and complaints

If a crime is committed, victims or witnesses can file a written complaint or report to the police or prosecutor’s office. It is important to contact a criminal lawyer who can prepare the report and explain all your rights, obligations and options in the criminal process.

How do I file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office?

If you have been the victim of a crime or have witnessed a crime being committed, you should contact the relevant police station. There you can freely state the details of the crime.

You also have the option of filing a written report with the prosecutor’s office, either through a lawyer or in person. Our criminal law attorneys can help you file your complaint and assist you through the pretrial proceedings accordingly.

A good criminal law attorney will help you request the investigating authorities to carry out procedural and investigative actions that will help solve the crime. If the prosecutor refuses to prosecute, the ruling can be appealed to a higher prosecutor’s office.

Once you file a complaint, criminal proceedings are initiated. Depending on the type of offence, the district or regional prosecutor’s office has jurisdiction. The investigation itself is carried out by investigating police officers or investigators who act under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office.

As a victim of crime, you can at any time ask for further interviews or forensic examinations to be carried out, as well as provide evidence that proves you are a victim of crime.

Conversely, if you have a report filed against you for a crime you did not commit, it is a good idea to contact a criminal law attorney to protect your rights and interests.

It is important that you do not take any action without consulting an attorney. Doing so risks putting you in a situation that could lead to a conviction.

In all cases, when proceedings are discontinued or a party is charged, the prosecution must notify the victim and the perpetrator. They may make objections and comments during the pre-trial proceedings.

When the prosecutor’s office decides that sufficient evidence of a person’s guilt has been gathered, it brings the case to court by indictment.

You can contact a criminal law attorney from Legal Frame law firm. Our attorneys have years of experience gained at some of the largest criminal law firms in Bulgaria. We will help you if you are the victim of a crime or if you have been wrongfully accused.

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