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Family and Inheritance Law Lawyers

In recent years, a common phenomenon is the breakdown of family relationships. Statistics show that there have been over 9,000 divorce cases since the beginning of 2022. If you, too, are caught in the maelstrom of crumbling family foundations, to save yourself unpleasant disputes, loss of property and custody, you need a good divorce lawyer.

Legal Frame is ready to offer you a professional divorce lawyer in Sofia and the country who will protect not only your interests, but also the interests of your children. As family lawyers, our first concern is to protect the psyche of children, who are particularly vulnerable in these difficult times. Therefore, acting as a trustee and mediator between the spouses, our lawyer always first seeks an amicable divorce with agreed terms that are as satisfactory as possible to both parties in the divorce case.

We offer legal services such as:

  • consultation with a divorce lawyer;
  • assistance in: settlement of property relations between spouses; parental rights; amount of alimony; determination of family housing; relations, regime of personal relations; preparation of documents for divorce, claims, applications, etc.

As your legal support, we at Legal Frame will assist and support you in your family matters, avoiding the emotional negatives of divorce through action and mutual consent, loss of rights over children and property, etc.

Assistance and advice with the preparation of a divorce petition

The first step in dissolving a marriage is to prepare a divorce petition and file it with the appropriate District Court. The divorce may be by action or by mutual consent and must contain the necessary justification, depending on the type of divorce. In an action for divorce, the statement of claim must contain the facts and circumstances of:

  • Deep and irreparable disruption of the marriage and evidence of irretrievability;
  • looking for fault in the other spouse;
  • who will exercise parental rights;
  • children’s relationship with the other parent;
  • the amount of maintenance for the child/children or the innocent spouse;
  • rights to use the family home;
  • surname of the spouse after the divorce.

When filing an action for dissolution of marriage or a petition for divorce by mutual consent, the petition must be accompanied by several documents and certificates – Certificate of Marriage; Certificate of Spouse and Relationship; Declaration of Marital and Financial Status and Property, etc. The process itself can be long and complicated and help is needed to navigate the laws and procedures. This is why you need to hire a lawyer who specializes in family law cases. Legal Frame has some of the best family law lawyers in the city and the country. You can always rely on us for professional assistance and protection of your rights and property.

How to choose a good divorce lawyer?

In a divorce case, it is often the case that the spouses have a strained relationship and each seeks custody of the family property. Unpleasant scenes are being played out, with children being the main victims. To avoid all this tension and embarrassing situations, it is advisable to choose a good family law lawyer for Sofia and the country. That way both parties in the divorce case will not have to defend themselves in court.

A lawyer would first try to reach an agreement between the parties and avoid the lengthy and complicated procedures of an actionable divorce case. It often drags on for years and becomes very expensive. It is always preferable to proceed to an amicable divorce when dissolving a marriage.

We recommend that when choosing a divorce lawyer, you seek to gain information about previous cases, experience and professionalism – from relatives and acquaintances, from the Internet. If you are not convinced that your choice is right, make an appointment for a legal consultation. This way, with personal contact and conversations, you will get a better idea.

Divorce lawyer in Sofia – rates

It is a common practice for parties to seek a divorce lawyer in Sofia at prices lower than the minimum lawyer rates for the country. But usually they come across a general practitioner or one who cannot offer professionalism and cannot protect the rights of their clients.

To hire a good divorce lawyer you need to lean on experience and practice in family matters, satisfied clients and proven abilities. When choosing a good lawyer, don’t emphasize the financial side and what the divorce will cost, so that you avoid having your rights trampled and unprotected, and suffering emotional and material losses.

At Legal Frame, you will find a capable and proven divorce lawyer in Sofia, at guild-competitive rates, with high professionalism and client care. You are welcome to visit us!

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