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Consent for a child to travel

Minors travelling abroad without a parent or with only one parent are required to provide a declaration of consent.

Many airlines provide this service, but in order to take advantage of it, you need to make a declaration authorising the staff to accompany your child.

The declaration must be made in free text and notarised. A problem arises when there is a dispute between the parents.

In this case, you should refer the matter to the District Court. This happens with an application by one parent who attaches evidence about the facts and circumstances.

The court shall schedule a hearing and, after hearing the parties and witnesses, render judgment. The court may also order provisional execution.

With the judgment, the court grants or denies judgment. The district court may refuse to grant permission where:

● the country the child will be travelling to has experienced unrest or natural disasters;
● in the country is not advisable to travel;
● the country does not have a legal aid treaty with Bulgaria, is not a member of the EU or a party to the 1980 Hague Convention.

If the child has reached the age of 10, the court may hear the child. The opinion of the Social Assistance Directorate is also required in the case.

The court’s refusal to grant substituted consent is appealable to the Circuit Court.

If you need to obtain consent for a child to travel or prepare a declaration of consent, you can contact a lawyer from Legal Frame to assist you with the preparation of the documents.

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