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Divorce by mutual consent

Sometimes divorce is an expensive and unpleasant endeavor for either party. We therefore advise all couples who decide to end their marriage to do so by amicable divorce. This will save them time, hassles and money. In case you wish to divorce, you can contact a family law attorney from Legal Frame Law Firm. Our extensive experience will help you end your marriage in the quickest way possible.

How do I get divorced amicably?
An amicable divorce is initiated by an application to the relevant district court. The spouses must appear in person in open court and confirm their serious and firm consent to the dissolution of the marriage. In the event that one of the spouses fails to appear, the proceedings are terminated.
The amount of the fees is relatively low and the attorneys’ fees are determined in accordance with the Tariff for Minimum Amounts of Attorneys’ Fees. In the event that an amicable divorce also settles property relations, an additional state fee is charged.
An amicable divorce is concluded by agreement between the parties. It may be filed with the court and signed by the parties, who must confirm the contents in a hearing. By agreement, the parties shall settle:
● residence of the children;
● custody;
● personal relationship with children;
● child support;
● use of family housing;
● spousal support;
● last name;
● all property relations.
In approving the agreement, the court may require an opinion from the Social Assistance Directorate in order to fully protect the interests of the children.
NB: If a divorce is filed due to the breakdown of the marriage or the fault of a spouse, an amicable divorce may proceed.
When the court approves the amicable divorce agreement, it issues a non-appealable judgment.
In the event that you have decided to move forward with divorce, you may want to contact an experienced divorce attorney. This way, you will be assured that the agreement will protect your interests to the fullest. Legal Frame Law Firm has extensive experience in family law and divorce consulting.

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