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Services for project management

Together with its consultants, Legal Frame provides a wide range of project management services:

  1. Development and management of projects for funding applications under European Union (EU) and other international and national programmes. Providing the following range of services:
  • Assistance in determining needs;
  • Clarification of project objectives and activities;
  • Preparation of a project proposal:
  • preparation and collection of necessary documents;
  • completing the case file;
  • submission assistance (electronic or paper);
  • Project management and reporting:
  • monitoring compliance with deadlines, achievement of results/indicators;
  • on-site visits;
  • Communication with government authorities, contractors and contractors;
  • preparation of interim/final reports, reports, payment requests;
  • Preparation of documentation and assistance in the conduct of procedures for the selection of contractors (PPA, PMS 160/2016).
  1. Develop and report on planning and strategy documents.
  1. Subscription services:
  • Provide regular information on potential funding opportunities;
  • Administrative services for companies (trading companies, farmers, cooperatives):
  • assistance with the preparation and submission of documents;
  • representation before state bodies (Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Regional Directorates “Agriculture”, State Fund “Agriculture”, municipal offices of agriculture, municipalities, etc.).

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