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Lawyer on real estate

All buying and selling of property, at any stage, can be a trap for you if you do not know Bulgarian law well. That’s why Legal Frame law firm is the best choice to hire a good real estate lawyer for Sofia and the country

We provide your legal protection for both real estate purchases and sales. Every contract carries a danger – at a later stage, you may be the subject of a lawsuit or a fraud if you are not well acquainted with all the clauses of the purchase contract / preliminary contract or deed / and with the laws and regulations concerning the real estate, family, inheritance, commercial and any other legal sphere related to real estate. In order to avoid getting involved in litigation, it is advisable to have an experienced property litigation lawyer by your side.

Our team offers fast and accurate verification of the property for the presence of encumbrances or registered rights of third parties. Taking into account the following:

– mortgages, recorded judgments, recorded short-term and long-term lease agreements.

We will help you by providing you with adequate Consultations and services in the preparation of preliminary contracts and deeds, claims affecting the protection of your ownership and possession of property, acquisition of property by prescription and any other services related to the successful, secure and hassle-free acquisition of real estate.

Come to us, here you will find the best real estate lawyer protection for Sofia and the country.

Where to Find Property Law Lawyers in Sofia?

As already mentioned, in any real estate transaction, in all property cases, filing claims to protect your ownership or possession of property, partition /judicial or voluntary/, inheritance, negotiations, damages, regardless of which party you are, it is desirable to use the services of the property law lawyers in Sofia and country or real estate lawyer.

Our successful team at Legal Frame has a good property law solicitor specializing in the area, with hundreds of cases successfully concluded. We offer a wide range of specialized legal services for all types of real estate and property law. In the case of property sales and purchases – preparation of a preliminary contract, notarial deed, if the purchase is “green” – consultations, negotiations and agreements with engineers, builders and construction teams, real estate agencies, brokers, inheritance cases, division of inheritances, cases for ownership and possession of real estate, cases for damages. We carry out a full due diligence of the defendant as the vendor or purchaser, a detailed and prompt inspection of the property documents and the existence of any encumbrances in the Land Registry for the relevant property.

You can always count on our property law solicitors for Sofia and the country to advise you and provide legal assistance with a high, professional level on real estate purchases and sales and the resolution of property cases. A real estate attorney will provide you with legal representation before any court in disputes regarding property rights and other limited property rights. We work for you with dedication and protect your rights.

Consultation with a Real Estate Lawyer in Sofia

If you need a consultation with a lawyer in any situation related to real estate and property law, you can get it at the office of Legal Frame on site or by phone and e-mail. Our team specialises in property law. We will provide you with a good property lawyer, we will look into your case in detail. You will find in us a qualified, faithful legal partner who will find the most effective solution and interests for you.

We provide our clients with attorney consultation for cases such as:

  • Analysis and advice on ownership and co-ownership of real estate, in relation to rights of use, voluntary and judicial partition, transfer of owned and co-owned property;
  • Advice on the conclusion, content, performance of all types of contracts about real estate;
  • Legal advice on the establishment of the right of use, right of construction and extension;
  • Advice court protection for rights of use and property rights;
  • Advice and assistance in buying or selling real estate or property from an individual, commercial company or real estate agency;
  • Assist with full property and contractor due diligence;
  • Advice and legal assistance in voluntary and judicial division of property;
  • Drafting contracts and definitive agreements, undertaking defenses to non-performance and relevant consequences.
  • Registrations, preparation of powers of attorney, and representation before banks and other institutions. Other procedures related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

For a full list of consultations and services, contact us. Here you will find your trusted real estate lawyer for Sofia and the country. No matter what property issue has brought you to us, we will help!

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