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Purchase and sale of property

Legal Frame Law Firm provides a comprehensive service to its clients and full legal services in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate. Our property lawyers will accompany you throughout the process and prepare all the necessary documents for the transaction.

Do we need a lawyer when buying and selling real estate?

Do we need a lawyer when buying and selling Well-prepared documents are the best guarantee for a good purchase. Before proceeding to buy a home, you should carry out an inspection of the property. This means that your property law solicitor will fully examine all documents relevant to the transaction. A preliminary real estate purchase agreement is also the guarantee that in the event of a defect, you will be able to get your money back or be compensated.of real estate?

No matter whether you are selling or buying a property, you should obtain a package of documents before notarising the transaction. You can contact a lawyer to get everything you need and more accurately:

● current sketch/schematic of the real estate, issued by the Agency for Geodesy and Cadastre;
● tax assessment of the real estate in which it is noted that there are no liabilities;
● Seller’s marital status.

In any transaction, you should also provide a document of ownership of the real estate. Depending on the method of acquisition, it may be different.

Do I have to sign a preliminary contract?
As we said above, the preliminary contract is the best guarantee. It is not compulsory. However, it is the basis on which you step into the acquisition. It sets out the terms of the acquisition, the price of the property, a description of the property, and other conditions for the final contract.

The preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of real estate binds the seller and the buyer. It may be declared final if the seller abandons the transaction. The preliminary contract is concluded without notarial certification, in writing.

Every real estate purchase and sale step carries with it risks for each party. We advise our clients to trust a specialist property lawyer to accompany them throughout the process. A good real estate attorney will trace the history of the property, obtain the necessary documents for notarization of the transaction and inform you if the property is encumbered with encumbrances.

Legal Frame’s extensive real estate practice will help you make the best real estate choice. Whether you are selling or buying a home, our attorneys will guide you through the process and assist in the successful completion of your transaction.

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